Vibrating Screen

Coarse type of wire mesh are normally used for making screen for vibrating machines screen for vibrating machines.

  • Screens are woven accurately to the mesh size with appropriate wire or rod to meet specific requirements.
  • Screens are offered in spring steel, mild steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel to suit particular applications.
  • In vibratory finishing, energy in the form of vibratory forces is transformed by the machine's drive system into a mass of loose media and then into the parts.
  • The entire load is in motion at the same time so that the media act against the parts throughout the complete mass.
  • Basic elements of the system include the machine, the media, and the compound and/or water solution. Selection of each depends primarily on the parts being run - that is, the type of parts: size, shape, and condition; and the work to be accomplished.